Links we are using on the website are affiliates that help us to receive compensation whenever the user purchases the product from the given link. While purchasing the product you have to keep in mind that you are responsible for the purchasing and we are not responsible for any side effect that occurs using that product.

All publish links are directly provided by the manufacturing companies who wish to endorse our website. Hence we always recommend to our clients that they contact directly to the company regarding their question about the product. The links are embedded in the form of buttons and images so the user can reach the official website in a short time. This could help both users and manufacturers to claim the benefits.

We have no control over the internal linking so it is the user’s responsibility to check the link before placing an order for the supplement. Also, we advise all our customers they should read terms and conditions carefully before placing the order from the third party.

Information On The Website:

The purpose of collecting the information on our website is only to understand behaviour and check the insights of the consumer. This data is collected in the form of either the visitor review the supplement articles or using the cookies or search engine.

This data will help us to set the information and publish the articles accordingly. On the other hand, this also helps the users in multiple ways as it can help them to review the best article for their problems. Secondly, it can save time so they do not need to wait for a long time to place the orders. Just need to click on the given link and they will reach the official website of the third party.

User Information:

The purpose of asking personal information is to determine the location and user personal concerns.

Well, it is only up to the user whether he or she would like to share the problem information or not. We will assure the information will be secured and it does not share with the third party.

The other important thing we would like to clarify that the purpose of asking information is only to fulfill the requirements of our users.

With this information, we can easily track and locate the location if you want to receive your order from us.

Also, it helps us to know whether the user is qualified for receiving the product or not.

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