Privacy Policy

Our Major concern is consumer satisfaction and security. We provide general information regarding the products that benefit its promotions and reviews. We always best to maintain the security standards of our website. On our website, you will get varieties of health and beauty products advertisements that are suggested to us directly by the manufacturers. Hence we will make sure the results will be harmless. 

We always respect the consumer safety and privacy. Thus, we do not share personal information with a third party. We are collecting information just for our user’s verification and better their experiences. 

These privacy policies only relate to the online market so if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or other sources we can contact us anytime. 

What Kind of Data We Will Ask From Clients?

We will ask the personal information to share with us. By sharing this, it means you are agreed with all the terms and conditions of our site. 

Email id : it is the first thing usually asked from the clients for the purpose to send verification and promotional offers directly in their account so, they can find the product and enjoy the better services. 

Residential address : the motive of asking residential addresses only to help our experts to reach your place without trouble for a timely delivery. 

Contact details : we also request to share the personal number so, this can help in the emergency condition. 

Credit/debit card details – Numerous products are costly so the people prefer to take on installments. Hence, we ask for the card details for auto-debit monthly installments. 

How We Will Use This Data?

After collecting your whole data, we will Confer to secure in our private database with the secret insurance. Furthermore, we will settle limited access to personal information. Everything will keep your data save and we will guarantee that the data is completely safe. Our experts are highly skilled that take care of your details and interests. 

We will use the data only when we need to grow with our clients. This will improve wellness and also protect the information from the frauds. 

Terms and Conditions:

By using our platform, it is showing that you are comfortable with our security approach as well as all the terms and conditions. Our security arrangement team is highly skilled and do an audit and refresh the security concerns in every step. The motive of getting personal information is also to keep you updated with our promotions and changes running on the website.

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